Ellie Visits the Dentist is the story of a girl named Ellie who is excited for her first appointment with the dentist. However, her excitement is quickly replaced by fear when she learns that she has two cavities that will require treatment. With the help of her kind and patient dentist, along with her mom, Ellie learns that properly taking care of her teeth can be fun and the dentist’s office does not need to be a place to fear.

This story was inspired by my daughter who received the unwelcome news that she had cavities at her very first dental visit. She was already scared since she had never been to the dentist and finding out that she had cavities only added to her anxiety. Thankfully, her wonderful dentist was very patient with her, and the process went well. It is my hope that this book helps other kids who may be struggling with their own fear of going to the dentist and allows them to realize that the dentist’s office does not need to be viewed as a scary place.

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Joseph Learns About Listening is the story of a boy named Joseph who is eagerly looking forward to his first day of kindergarten. However, his first day of school doesn’t go as he expects. With the help of his kind and understanding teacher, Joseph learns how important listening really is. This story is perfect for any child who is about to begin school. New experiences, such as the first day of school, can be scary for kids, and this fear can manifest itself in what looks like disobedience. However, with a bit of understanding and compassion, kids and their caregivers can work through this challenging time and conquer this fear together.

This story was inspired by my son who experienced some adjustment issues when he began kindergarten recently. His amazing teacher worked with him to help him adapt to these new expectations of “big boy school.” It is my hope that this book helps other kids adjust to the new experiences that school can bring.

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Henry’s New Glasses is the heartwarming story of a boy named Henry who is anxious about needing to wear glasses and worried about what his friends will think. Thanks to his dad’s reassurance and the acceptance of his friends, Henry discovers that change can be a good thing and that true friends will always support you for who you are.

This story was inspired by my son who needed to get glasses when he was just 3 years old. As a parent, I was worried about how he might be treated since he looked different than other kids his age. I wanted to write a story for other kids going through something similar to show them that they are not alone, and most importantly, that there is nothing wrong with looking a little different.

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Where Is Blue Bear? is the story of Oliver and his best friend Blue Bear. Oliver and Blue Bear share a special bond. Oliver doesn’t go anywhere without him. One day, Blue Bear is nowhere to be found. With his first day of school quickly approaching, what will Oliver do without his best friend by his side?

This story was inspired by my oldest son who has had a Blue Bear of his own since he was a baby. He was attached to it, but eventually came to share it with his younger siblings. It is now a toy that they all love. It is very common for kids to become attached to some kind of lovey, but as parents, we don’t want the attachment to become unhealthy. It can be challenging for some kids to get through this phase. My hope is that this story may help other children and their parents navigate this time.

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